Steps to choose watch for Men in 2018

When you are going to be interviewed for your dreamed job.  Definitely you are confident, all prepared and appropriately dressed to flaunt off. When the interview is yet to start and the interview asks the time and the watch you are wearing is digital watch with rubber band that’s a top flop. That is the impression where you lacked. So you need to wear a formal and these days you have huge options to choose from 2018 watches for men which are stylish and formal, just the way you want.

We have summarized the ways to save you from hustle of selecting the appropriate watch that perfectly suits you. You have unlimited options in general to choose from... Two things that’s restricts you are the pocket and taste of your selection. This is complicated process for men who do not know much about watches. There are some  watched which are more considered as stylish and  some are  linked with functionalities but conclusively  it is one of the toughest deskin to make choice of watch that suits you. Let’s have the look on how to choose the best watch.

First thing you have to consider is that whether you have to buy one watch or multiple watches. If you are thinking to buy only one that is multipurpose it should be stylish neutral
 and able to get paired with many colors so that you can match it with different clothing combinations which may be casual or formal.  Yet one single option should limited enough, should not be made of leather instead must be a metal piece. Secondly if you want to three or four watches then you have wide range of watches for men to choose from. You should own one sleek style that blows away the formal style. Another option is to own one for casual wears. Still you have few things to keep in mind that a black watches never goes with brown shoes but in market you can find those styles which come with must shade bands so you can get them to match with your own dress color.

One of the most neutral style is metallic style. All the metals one should be wearing must be in combination like as in general men’s are not wearing much jewellery, still if you are wearing silver watch then your buckle of  belt should be also silver instead of other shades like grey or golden. Other than buckles, hand cuffs can also be matched. This interchangeability makes the metal a simple and perfect option to choose.

On the other side if you are selecting the leather watch colour should be matching with shoes and pants. Peak formal look is to wear a watch with black leather band while leather also goes perfect with casual wears as well and is comfortable and sophisticated. One should select the one that suits the personality.

Next factor to be considered is the dial and the case. Dial is generally the tip visible face, round/rectangle while the case is the metallic enclosure in which the dial lies. Cases normally are made of metal or plastic and people prefer the metallic one mostly. Sports people generally wear one with rubber or plastic which are also available in 2018 watches for men. Cases material is generally ranges from stainless still to platinum and sometimes white gold too. Assembly material of cases lies in all the metals which are golden, silver, black or white. Apart from cases dials have variety of colours to offer. They are simple, stylish and best looking designs like one made by signature red of Victoriana. Contrast between cases and dials is one of the important factor to keep in mind while choosing watches for men.

One of the most aesthetic thing to choose is shape of dial and case. Dials are usually circular, rectangular which are preferred by business tycoons. Some other casual shapes are also available to wear with causal dressing.

Men usually die for movement in watches and generally available movements are mechanical, automatic and electronic. Mechanical are involved with the movement of springs which needs the winding again after sometime. Automatic are usually mechanical movements that acts automatically and there is no requirement of winding generally. Quartz is now coming to the market and most adaptive style in watches for men. These watches are generally the passive and works with battery. One has to be beware about the type of quartz used because all quartz are not real usually. Later most are very cheap to produce and are the mostly used watches in recent times.

Style and taste are two factors need to be considered while selecting the watches. Some options work with all types of outfits. Metallic bands are very much easy to match as compared to leather and look stylish as well. In metallic choices usually the colour should be matched with hand cuffs and buckle soft belts as discussed above.  Swiss watches are preferable over most of the watches brand. They are very précised in   their built and very sleek in construction. One should wear the best that matches the combination of dressing and leaves your classy impression every time.

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