Selection of Hoodies according to Body Type

First of all you have fashionable, best quality unique hoodies for men to understand the basic structure of types of body and cuts of clothing that would go perfect with your own shaping.

Top most factor to be considered is your own height. If you are short heighted then you must avoid the bigger sizes. Moreover long in length hoodies or baggy type will also not serve your purpose rather they will make you look wider and broader and letting the people know about your being short heighted. Other way round is to go for short length unique hoodies for men in which overall length should not be bigger than your waist and sleeves of hoodies should not be more than 2 inches after the wrist. On Contrary if you are taller one then you must go to find appropriate length suited for your height. You can go for big sizes in baggy style or long line unique hoodies for men but length should not be lower than your waist line.  You must be careful about selection of fabric as mostly stuff shrinks until a couple of washes so if that is the case then you opt for actually a bit bigger size.


The second important factor be considered is your weight parameter whether you are slim, bulky or obese. Generally if you are slim or either you have a kind of average body weight you must buy slimmer and skin tight hoodies because if you buy little bigger in length or width the will definitely sag which looks pretty awkward. Moreover along with being slimmer you got a muscular build up then in that also adopt the slimmer, skin tight hoodies because they give sexier look. In case of slimmer or muscular bodies you can adopt zip-up or zipless both the options but zipless must be more priority. On the other hand if you are bulky and got a bit fat body structure then the first concern is to hide your belly and you must go for options which will not make your obesity prominent, the one which looks more flat in shape along with not making you uncomfortable to carry. If you are little fat but also taller in length opting for large sizes will go perfect but if you are little obese and short sized you should go for normal length and the model which gives kind of flatter look as long length in this case will make you look very larger than your age and will also show your extra kilos.

While buy the  hoodies in general one the most important factor is look for best fit e.g. long heighted should go for bigger and sized  with all the cuts placed perfectly at right places. For smaller in height guy’s perfect option is to select the hoodies looking at your own body shape. Colour selection must be according to your choice, we will definitely explain about top colours to be choose while selection of unique hoodies for men. Fabric material is no doubt cannot be neglected as when you are shopping you must go for high quality fabrics which is cost effective and long lasting.

While shopping because of any reason you selected a bit bigger size as usually we prefer to opt fit larger sizes as compared to smaller one and that is the most common mistake happening in any kind of cloth shopping. So if you mistakenly bough a little bigger size and now you want to shrink that to make it slim fit your body then the first thing you should do is to look for fabric material as generally the coon cloth shrinks automatically on first 2 or 3 washes but then material is not the cotton then I guess you must give it to some dry cleaner for little changes in tailoring or else you must return the hoodies if you can still return it. Other problem that will happen by shrinking is zipper or button for instance will lose their actual place and that can actually be annoying most of the time. Keeping in mind the above mentioned factors you must give hoodie a very high temperature wash which reduces the size to exactly one size lesser than the original , the give it very hot try as well which ultimately shrink it to one more size then you will get a 2 sized shorter hoodie than the original.

Colour selection is obviously the top factor to be considered when you are looking for unique hoodies for men. Primary four options are to choose between black, white, grey ad navy coloured hoodies. Black is the colour for dignity so black zip-up hoodie is not a bad choice but definitely not in summer. People usually don’t wear the white hoodies because they get dirty in short time but white hoodies looks very smarter when used in contrast. Blending your white hoodie with some different coloured jeans and overcoats make the perfect casual look with unique hoodies for men. Grey and navy coloured hoodies are also in fashion these days. Grey hoodies with denim jeans is most common causal look around these days and is very popular. Navy colour is also into the fashion but with denim jeans it is relatively giving the similar texture.

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