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Casual shoes are an essential entity in every men’s wardrobe. One’s poor feet definitely needs some rest from wearing professional shoes for prolonged office hours and from perennially wearing the formal dress shoes at evening events. Office timings are usually long for many professionals these days, mostly from nine to five, and if a formal night out plan is followed by work, then you can well imagine the pain your heels will suffer once you lay down in bed at night. No matter which brand you pick, be it the priciest one, the importance of casual shoes cannot be diminished. The comfort and relaxation they provide is unparalleled. The cushioned heels, extra foam, perforations that make shoes breathable, rubber outsoles and padded collars are some of the key features one will ought to look while shopping for a casual footwear.

Casual shoes usually don’t last for a long time since they are in everyday use; they have to go through a lot of wear and tear. However, if properly taken care of they will serve you a longer duration. For instance, one must not wear their casual shoes to gym or use them for running; trainers are designed for that purpose. Moreover, cleaning of the casual footwear depending on the type of material is also an essential task, which preserves them. If your shoes are made of pure leather than you can simply clean them with water and let them dry on their own. If you dry them using a dryer then the leather might be damaged due to heat. However, if they are made of suede than special care has to be taken and a specific cleanser is used to do the job.

While picking the correct pair of casual shoes for men 2018 one must keep the following in mind: how comfortable they are when you place your feet in them. Secondly, which style will go with your casual clothes. For example, if you are wearing denim then sneakers are the best choice to wear with them. We will list down some of the best choices for casual shoes for men 2018. Varying from the sporty sneakers for streetwear to comfortable sandals, fit for roaming out and about in the home, we will make it easier for you to select the perfect pair of casuals that will satisfy your requirement.

Dunham Captain

If you are looking for a pair which will serve as an all-purpose shoe in which you can plod around in streets, which you can even wear in evenings and night outs without shying away, then Dunham Captain is an ideal choice. It has an overall appealing design starting from a leather finish and stitched lining at the edges from the top to toe, making it an ideal choice for casual dressy occasions; semi-formal gatherings. Moreover, the lightweight rubber outsole provides the necessary comfort and makes it is an appropriate choice for roaming around in malls and down the streets.

If you are looking for casual shoes for men 2018 which have an exquisite appearance and can be worn in relatively cooler autumn days, then Bruno Marc Urban is a perfect pick. It has a 1-inch heel, supported by a 0.5-inch platform which gives a sleek professional look when paired with a business casual outfit. They are made of suede leather and have a lacing module on the front which further enhances its congeniality. Furthermore, they fit well under the budget and has a wide range of colours to choose from.

 Looking for the perfect casual shoes for men 2018 which is perfect for street wear, then this is definitely what you want in your closet.  It has a canvas upper which is breathable, the outsole is made of lightweight rubber which provides ultimate comfort. They are a remarkable choice to treat your feet to after a long, hard day work.

They have a unique design and is available in wide variety of materials such as suede and leather Their name has a great impact on them; softness is their main feature. These gems were designed for comfort; the roomy toe box enables one to stretch out their fingers and relax on a comfy couch with a cup of tea and newspaper. Sounds so relaxing, Right? Trust me they are.

It has a breathable mesh top with a low heel rubber sole and easily slip on and off the feet. Ease and comfort is provided by contoured foot bed and microfibre lining. They are available in different tones of greys and blues and are good choice for all time wear casual shoes. 

The list of casual shoes will certainly be incomplete without a pair of comfy sandals. And Arizona Slide Sandal are a combination of style and comfort. You can wear them all day at home or to a nearby super market and even stomp around in streets in the vicinity.