Oxford Shoe Selection

The advent of Oxford shoes was seen in Ireland and Scotland where they were called Balmorals. However, they were given the name Oxford after they became popular at Oxford University in early 17th century. The literal meaning of the word Oxford is a formal lace up shoe, so the word in itself contains the definition of a smart shoe. It came as an alternative option against the excruciating heeled boots which were a standard issue of men of the early centuries. Over the years Oxfords have managed to remain a prominent choice for all men and many styles lost their way but Oxfords are here to stay. Every man on this planet ought to possess an Oxford pair which embellishes their shoe rack or closet.  So basically, it is a must have for all men!

Proceeding towards the present 21st century if one is looking for a formal versatile shoe, which can be worn at college, work and formal occasions without giving much thought Oxford shoe is the answer. Oxfords have evolved over time, they are not just limited to plain orthodox shoe pair made of leather. The Oxford Shoes of 2018 have extended their scope from formal to casual wear depending on the occasion and fashion.  They are now crafted by a miscellany of materials that include faux, canvas, suede and conventional leather. 

Many people bemuse Derby shoe and Oxfords, although there is slight difference between them, they are more or less the same. The lacing module of the Derby shoe is open as compared to Oxfords. Other significant features of an Oxford shoe are that it has a low heel, they sit beneath your ankle with ease and their lacing mechanism is stitched closely towards the toe which gives them a more streamlined look.  The difference between a Brogue and an Oxford also bewilders a few. It is assumed by multitudinous that the two are completely different. However, that is not the case like Derbies. Brogues basically refers to the small pores which were incorporated in the design so as to allow water to drain from the shoe. Oxfords can have brogues or they can be without them.

Oxford Shoes of 2018 have adjoined a new variety in them and with the everyday change in fashion trends, the list is expected to expand over the coming years. To name a few less formal options of Oxford Shoes of 2018, Saddle and Wingtip are popular choices.  In contrast to this, Plain-toe, Cap-toe, Balmoral and whole cut Oxfords are safe pair of hands for eveningwear. Oxfords are a sight to sore eyes when worn with formal attires like tuxedo, black tie and dress suit.

Buying an Oxford pair is not a piece of a cake either. You cannot just ask someone to buy them for you by dictating them your show size. Perfect fit of an Oxford shoe forms an important criteria while buying one. Hence, trying the shoe is vital while deciding which style is meant for you. It shouldn’t be too tight nor too loose, is a perfect fit what we need to get that perfect sleek and graceful look of an Oxford Shoe. The director of the famous brand Crocket & Jones has reported to have said “When buying Oxford one have to get the sizing right because high quality shoes last.” Although there is always room for a little adjustment but they can be very uncomfortable if too tight and can slip from the ankle if not fitted enough. Hence there should be a gap of about 1/8th of an inch between the two facing tabs at the top eyelet.

What to wear along the Oxfords is not a hassle and can be managed without much huff and puff. As we all know by now that they are meant for eveningwear and is perfect for all formal occasions, black suits, blue suits, grey suits worn with a tie and white shirt. “They are certainly not meant to be worn under jeans” says Graziani. Selecting an Oxford style particularly depends what one is wearing at the event, if it is a black tie paired with a suit, then plain and whole cut designs will be an appropriate choice.  Standard tones of Oxford are usually black, brown and tan colours, but Oxford shoes of 2018 are available in diverse colours such as navy blue and dark green.  These flashy colours are mainly available in wing-tips and cap-toe styles and are targeted for less formal occasions. 

 Talking about the best brands dealing in Oxford shoes we will start off with the Royal Warrant award winning brand Crocket & Jones. They make shoes slowly and properly taking about 8 weeks to finish a masterpiece using the finest material for crafting and meeting the high-quality standards.  M&S is another leading brand which is reliable in dealing with Oxfords. They offer a range of colours in traditional brogue leather Oxfords and also have an option of half sizes and extra wide fits, to add comfort at a decent price. Moreover, Church’s, a well-known brand founded by Thomas Church in 1853, provides some of the most robust Oxford shoes which can serve you a lifetime. Adding to the list we have, John Lobb who has been crafting classy foot-wear since 1853, when they first established their shop in London.  Their Oxfords may cost you a few bucks but they have the hardiest leather on the outside which feels slipper soft on your feet from inside.  A few more names one should refer while looking for a perfect Oxford are Kingsman x George Cleverly, Base London, Dune London, Graziani and Girling and Undandy.