Latest Choices for Men's Shoes in 2018

“Men are renowned for not keeping up with fashion like women.” This statement has been negated in the recent years. The main driving force for the proliferation of men taking interest in fashion is the exponential growth of social media, which has attracted several antiquated men to ponder over their appearance and pay heed to their looks: from head to toe.  If you are a mondain then after scrutinizing this article, you will be well aware as to what you need to wear this summer. Sure, there is a lot of fashion trends out specially 2018 Shoes for men, there is a heap of new stuff which is not painfully monotonous and is thoroughly wearable.

This summer you no longer have to go through the pain of sorting the cool from the crap, we’ve gone and done that for you.  When it comes to down to summer season, one wants to keep cool. Be it clothes or shoes something lighter, pastel and brighter are what attracts the mind, those heavy black formal boots become a hideous sight and are better hidden in a corner of your closet.
Here is a detailed list of 2018 Shoes for men, So be the first one to get the new style and flaunt off in your social gatherings this season.

This summer designers are creating sneakers that are not just exquisite but also provide the comfort which is required while performing strenuous workout. Sneakers are now not just limited to the gym or sports field, but they have now taken over the streets. They can be worn with almost everything in the closet and are a handy pick this summer.

If you want to add the latest trainers (that will keep you going on long runs) to your closet, then the newest version of Adidas Yeezy shoes and Nike Air Zoom Pegasus is what you are looking in 2018 shoes for men. However, if you want a convenient Vernon Woven Slip On sneaker that can be worn with jeans for an effortless weekend look then these basic sneakers from Vince will do the job. An alternate for this pair can be the signature Sperry ‘Striper LL’ snicker which gives you a perfect casual look and also gives you traction during those wet monsoon days.

Loafers can be described as a unique blend of comfort and finesse.  Although many allege them to be exuberantly glamorous and a difficult choice to pull off with a wide range of outfits, they provide an extensive variety to suit every taste.  Loafers are generally made of leather or suede; both materials have their own pros and cons. Leather loafers give a sleek and gleaming finish and are perfect for smarter looks when compared to 2018 shoes for men but are hefty. On the other hand, suede gives a more casual feel but they need to be protected from moisture for durability.

Penny loafers are the classic, everlasting masterpieces that still holds a place pf pride in the shoe racks. “The beauty of penny loafers is its versatility; the shoe can be dressed up or down easily and works with most outfits.” Said Gilad Yogev, creative director of G.H.Bass & Co. These are meant for casual and semi-formal looks nevertheless they go along with smarter attires like summer suiting. Weejuns Larson Penny Loafers available at G,H,Bass & Co are an apple to an eye.  

The tassel loafers are the glamorous ones which catch a lot of attention for the one wearing it. Cordovan Tassel Loafers available at Brook Brothers is best of its kind in our list. The ultimate dress loafer, which is equipped with a brass strap in a shape of a horse’s snaffle is the horsebit loafer. It’s main alluring characteristic is its refinement and Gucci’s Horsebit Loafers are the best in its class. Boat shoe has emerged as the definite summer shoe in the recent years and has gained popularity with men of all ages.  River Island  Brown Slim Boat Shoe, is fundamentally a casual style.  It is meant for recreational activities, not for formal meetings, business gatherings and symposiums. It goes along with the combination of high summer appropriate polo shirt and shorts, giving a quintessential leisurely casual look for summers.

The Topman Hudson Tiller Boat Shoes are deemed as a smart choice for smart-casual option and can be worn at office with a non-formal dress code. When paired with perpetual denim style and Oxford shirt and tie, it gives a superlative appearance to the wearer. The number one choice for the evening shoe however is and will be the Black Cap toe Oxford. The main features of present day Oxford show are: closed lacing system, low-heeled and exposed ankle. Smart, simple yet elegant will be the precise description for this all-rounder gem. If you want to wear something which is less formal than the boat shoes and more formal than sandals, then Espadrilles is what you are looking for. People have been adoring them since 14th century because of the level of comfort they provide. They are fun and beachy yet are an apt choice for poolside or summertime cocktails parties on the patio.

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