Best Fashionabe Shoes in recent time

Shoes are an essential entity along with a man’s apparel. With every passing year, new trends are being introduced, not only in technology but in fashion industry too. Every year you will see a debonair not only having a new smart phone at his disposal but also reflecting new fashion trends from his attire and to finish the modish look he will pair his outfit with new fashion shoes for men in town.  Some shoes are a standard and are being worn by gentlemen over decades; they are more like a tradition now, naming a few we have Oxfords and Derby. However, there have been some new additions to the shoe family over the years and we will be listing a few new fashion shoes for men, that have gained significant popularity in recent years.

When talking about new fashion shoes for men the first name that comes into my mind is sneakers. The market for sneakers and trainers have plunged sharply over the years. There has been an exponential growth in the number of models that have been introduced each year since 1970s. Recently the football world cup has brought the sales of sneakers and trainers to a zenith.  Adidas have been revealing astonishing pieces every week now. To name a few masterpieces:  NMDs, Boosts and Stan Smiths are true gems. Not only these pairs have phenomenal designs but are extremely comfortable as well. Soaring profits have enabled the brand to invest in more and more new designs. Yeezy boots and Pharrel collabs are among the top choices. The largest boost to the sales is provided by the running shoes such as UltraBoost and AlphaBounce. Other strong competitors in the market for Adidas are Nike, Reebok and Puma. Nike’s Zoom Pegasus Turbo is one of the finest running shoes ever made for conquering sprints and long runs. Their light weight and streamlined shape provides all the speed a runner needs. They are one of the cushiest shoes with medial stability and ideal arch support. Another to add to the list is Nike’s Kobe XI; a multipurpose footwear which can work for casual wear and serves the purpose of a perfect sportswear as well.  Reebok’s X End Clothing in royal blue hue is perfect for night outs at clubs giving a perfect flashy look for a cocktail personality.

The first ever running shoe, fabricated with the perspective of providing high speed and comfort, was manufactured by the Foster and Sons in the late 19th century and they were called plimsolls in UK by then.  The footwear they crafted were sold to the athletes of the time who were taking part in the Summer Olympics. Soon they became popular among other sportsmen and were a frequent site in tennis courts and football fields.  The name ‘sneakers’ was coined by the Americans in early 20th century. The style became prominent when big shots, fashionistas and affluent sportsmen began to endorse these shoes. Soon they were adopted as a school dress code by many public and private educational institutions as well.  

Comfort, style and variety, all come under the banner of the term ‘sneakers’. Sport is a domain which is meant to flourish in all times, even in the time of war children are seen playing in the rubbles. Be it any sport, football, cricket, tennis, basketball, baseball, rugby or a mere marathon, one cannot be expected to plod around in Oxfords, Brogues or Monk Straps. It surely will be an astonishing sight to see a pair of Oxfords worn by an athlete running a 100m or 400m race in the Olympics. The mere sight would be just disturbing while even the runner will be at discomfort himself. Hence trainers are a necessity for sportsmen. However, nowadays sneakers are not only a requirement for the sportspersons, people who go to gym regularly or have made jogging a part of their regime prefer sneakers over other available alternates. Sneakers have also started to dominate the streetwear and casuals. Quoddy’s handcrafted shoes are an extension to the sneaker style and are doing a fine job. The leather finish with a lacing system give them a semi-formal touch yet keeping them a cool option for chivalrous men. One can see sneakers embellished on the feet of teens, young lads and gentlemen aging thirty, tramping down the streets with ease. They have emerged to be an ideal choice for summers, giving a chic look paired with chinos and T-shirt. A good option for sneakers while sauntering down the streets is the Canvas by Prada which gives an impeccable look to a casual summer outfit. Moreover, certain designs are acceptable even at the office. Some of the renowned names for office sneakers are Stan Smith by Adidas, Gucci’s Ace Sneakers and Prada’s leather sneaker. However, in my opinion a perfect blend of streetwear and partywear, that will go along with casual and formal outfits is CTAS 70s OX by Converse.